Adult Education Instructor

Adult Education Instructor

Hello, I work in the adult education industry who teaches English and literature to adults who want to improve their chances of a good job. My clientele, due to the character of my profession and my place (Los Angeles, California), means that I have many students who have just become part of this country, and so speak Spanish as well as English (and some Chinese) is a absolutely must. I have 15 years of experience in this work, and if I had to describe myself in only three adjectives, they would be patient, thoughtful and curious. I hope Im not dissatisfied by boasting about characters that are actually less developed within myself than I can see them.

I am of full Mexican descent, which seems to help me in my profession in this place, because many of my students are Mexican, so I can not only understand them linguistically but culturally as well. To know the worm cut through a lot of learning curve to translate Spanish based things into English-based questions. English is one of the hottest languages ​​in the world. Im male, as I do not know if it helps or hurts. I know that he is less productive than being a beautiful woman. It has been proven that people of both sexes listen to beautiful women more often and more intensively than anyone else. I have experienced what I perceived as a minor discrimination against me because of my race and culture, which I was transferred to a campaign. A much less experienced person got it, even though I was definitely a favorite among employees and students.

I would describe what I do to teach shades in English and even important books for my students - things that are relevant to communicating with employers to find work. The most common misconception of what I do is that it is dry and boring and literally. I am most interested in psychology - both my students and the employers psychology that they will meet. I teach Rocky movies and Shakespeare. Why? Many employers in blue collar occupations can relate to Rocky. I teach them how Rockys broken English is sometimes more influential than perfect English. It is in communication, not perfection of linguistics.

I have a high level of work satisfaction now; I would put it on a 10. As you can imagine, my teaching technicians were not really the most orthodox, and so the faculty sometimes struggled when I started. But my theories of human psychology have proven to be very close to correct in many cases. Ive helped people get jobs. Im proud of it.

This job is my heart, because I can see the work I do and the positive effect. I have letters from people Ive learned that say they have money now to take care of family members and bring their children so they can be with them again. I can not imagine a better job. And Im good at it, so Ive definitely found my sweet spot in life.

I suppose something unique as readers should know about me is that I thought I was late when I was born because I had a very long time to talk as a child. When I did, I spoke in sentences that many could not understand. I was cheated like a child because I often spoke in analogies rather than easily. But these are things that all help me as a language teacher.

I started on this line of work by falling in love with one of my teachers, actually. The whole thing above about beautiful women? Well, my 8th grade English teacher was incredibly beautiful, as well as incredibly learned. I loved her, I think I can still love her. I do not say her name because I do not want to be disturbed by her husband! He even knew that I was in love with her then! I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher after that - to present the same feelings to others she had in me. Not love necessarily, but the intensity Im studying and the amount of information I could take in that year - incredible. No one did fun of my linguistic skills after that because she not only learned linguistics, but she taught me how to communicate with people.

In work life, there are many things that you have to deal with that have nothing to do with your assignment in your work. But others make these things seem very important. And they are probably - for them. But what Ive found is that most people tend to try to project their weaknesses and their inability to do their own work on you. Do not leave them. Do your job as much as you can, and no matter how much you want to help someone else, trust that the best way to help them (even if its a boss) is to let them help themselves. Always look at your unique mission and never doubt your ability to complete it.

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