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<b>Beauty - Teleflorist</b>
Beauty - Teleflorist
video We Take Flowers Personally.Teleflorist is the trading name for British Teleflower Service Limited, the largest flower delivery network in the UK and Ireland, with about 2000 florist members.Teleflorist is part of Teleflor International and...
Updat :2013-01-13 03:07:51 
Beauty - New Yorker
Beauty - New Yorker
video Dress For The Moment. NewYorkerNew Yorker has 666 stores in 25 countries, making it one of Europe's largest fashion businesses. New Yorker’s own brands have become sought-after labels with which our multi-facetted target group is abl...
Updat :2013-11-17 06:27:42 
Dove - Underarm Beauty Treatment tv ad
Dove - Underarm Beauty Treatment tv ad
video In common with most brands, Dove sees TV as a useful and compelling medium for developing a relationship with audiences. We’re aiming to get together a catalogue of every Dove ad broadcast in Great Britain since 9/2006 when we set up in...
Updat :2014-03-12 19:52:39 
Beauty ocean
Beauty ocean
Updat :2013-04-27 20:07:51 
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