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ogrishtv.com Helicopters Shot Down Afghanistan

50 cal fighting taliban in helmand uk troops canadian troops soldiers operation militants ambush takes out insurgent vehicle with hellfire missile in iraq AH-64 engage insurgent car with hellfire missile in vicinity hawijah guns gunfight gunfire weapons bullets ammunition sniper round rifle caliber m6 machine gun iraq guerrilla urban unconventional warfare firefight engage clash 101st airborne 3rd company ac-130 50 cal. insurgents wasted gunship action mission 500lb JDAM kills IRAQ 2008 clip US american air force military northern alliance special forces shot down apache helicopter hellfire us navy seals british sas special forces green berets airborne elite swat shooting rpg hellfire missile takes out terrorists apache kills 30mm terrorists al qaeda insurgents boat cut up cannon UAV predator airstrike insurgents taken out AH 64 takes out insurgents killed by us military marines marine corps 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion recon echo 1st plt 2/7 2/2 boeing AH-64 apache 2000 pound jdam us military calls multiple air strikes US air force predator UAV apache airtrikes airstrike in iraq

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